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Product Highlight: K-Edge Chain Catcher

Posted in New Products with tags , , , , , , , , on January 19, 2011 by hypercatracing

I like simple products that work.  And if you are anything like me you probably also enjoy keeping your chain where it is supposed to be, on the chainrings and not rubbing holes in your frame.  The K-edge chain catcher is practically the embodiment of the simple product that works.  Built in the USA, the chain catcher mounts to either your braze-on or your frame and keeps the chain from falling to the inside of the crankset off the small ring.

“Never worry about dropping your chain again.”

K-Edge Road Chain Catcher used by professionals in the Olympic Games, World Championships, Paris-Roubaix, Giro DíItalia and Tour De France. It’s a common sense design that provides a functional advantage for high performance cyclists. The K-EDGE chain catcher is a precision component that enhances the overall function of your drive train while protecting your valuable frame.

Material: 6061 T6 aluminum
Fitment: All braze-on type mounted and clamp style braze-on mounted front derailleurs.
Weight: 10 grams
Anodized colors: Black, Gun-metal, Red, Blue, Gold. also white non-ano.
Hardware: Now includes all mounting hardware for Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo front derailleurs, including a new radius washer with secure mounting interface.

My first views of the K-edge were of the braze-on pictured, but since they have hit the market a whole line of solution oriented chain catchers for a variety of bikes has been added.  Our original interest was, as it almost always is with aero bikes so I was pretty excited. Now I am over the top, with the new designs for triple cranksets, mountain, cross and other crank set-ups, we are able to recommend a solution to nearly everyone.  Even if you don’t have the latest $10,000+ super bike, keeping your chain on the crankset is preferable to dropping it.  And for you newbie riders it can definitely help while your learning to perfect your shifting on uphills.  One of my most recent clients had a rough crash due to a dropped and stuck chain, with the K-edge that would have been avoided.   The K-edge is certainly not the least expensive option, there are other choices out there to keep you from dropping chains, however it is the only one that works with tubes and shapes that are non-traditional and the only one that I am aware that is made here in the USA, and at $39.95 for the braze-on model they are cheap relative to a new paint job or worse a new frame.   And possibly the most important of all they are available in a variety of cool colors.

To learn more about all the options available to you from K-Edge you can visit their website linked under products we sell.  To purchase please visit the Hypercat web store or contact Phil directly if the product you are looking for is not listed.  Due to the large variety of designs and colors K-edge products are  a special order product and take 2-5 days to get in, however we do keep the full color palette of Braze-on models in stock .

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