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Cervelo P5 Fairing = Disqualification

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Well boys and girls it looks like our little discussion has paid off.  USAT officials and Cervelo management have met to discuss the issue chronicled here and thanks to Cervelo being made aware of the issue have stated their case with a positive verdict.  After discussion with Cervelo and a thorough review of the issue, USAT has been able to rule that this device does not fit the “functional definition of a ‘fairing’ and only as a dust/debris cover for the brake calipers.”

Below is the original posting of the rule violation.



Earlier this year Cervelo launched to much fan fare it’s hotly anticipated P5.  Among the numerous technological advancements are a new Magura brake system.  In the non UCI compliant version Cervelo has chosen to add a snap on cover that shrouds the front brakes and this is where the problem lies.

From a a communique sent out to USAT officials (which is how I found out) USAT officials are now to look at the Cervelo P5 and see if the cover is in place for the front brake.  If it is, they are sighting that rule 5.11 (3) – look below –  applies and the penalty if not removed is disqualification. fortunately for P5 owners the covers simply snap off, but it is still an issue that you cannot use all the bells and whistles when competing in an UCI, ITU, USAT or national championship cycling, triathlon or duathlon event. Hopefully when Cervelo goes into full production they will address the fairing issue, but for now it looks like the P5 will have a prominent feature that is unusable in most events.

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 USAT rule 5.11 (e) reads: Aerodynamic carriers for food, water, and or cycling provisions may be attached to or be an integral part of the aero handlebars if they meet the following guidelines: (including There must be no protective shield, fairing, or other device on any part of the bicycle frame, wheels, handlebars, chain wheel, and accessories) which has the effect of reducing resistance.


Bicycle Headsets finally get standardized (S.H.I.S)

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There are two points of major frustration on a bicycle for me.  The headset and the bottom bracket.  Both of these areas involve bearings and also involve the whim of the manufactures who are competing with one another to design the “perfect” size, dimension, and marketable feature set to give you the perfect whatever.  Bottom line this leads to a lot of choices with not a lot of compatibility. Want to upgrade or change then you need to decipher what you have, what will work and buy 100% anew.  There is some interchangeability within the crank/ bottom bracket arena and BB30 at least set a universal standard, however headsets have gotten out of control along side bike design and if you desire to change the headset knowing what will work practically takes an advanced degree in engineering.

Our good friends at Cane Creek along with a number of other manufactures decided to change this madness and create a universal standard language (SHIS – Standardized Headset Identification System) so that headset manufactures, bike makers, frame builders and the rest of us can all agree on what headset will fit our bike. 

I look forward to seeing this roll out across the industry this year and next and seeing more manufactures come on board.

For all the info visit

To view the complete document explaining the new system look here.  Standardized_Headset_Identification_System

Rest in Peace Phil Wood.

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Build it strong. Keep it simple. Make it work.  That is what Phil Wood had been doing since 1971.  I was glad to have met Phil Wood many times and very thankful to have been a user of his products.  Phil Wood hubs were one of the first products I saved up too buy as a young rider, and for years the only hubs I would use for cyclocross. Recently I sold a set of hubs that were over 15 years old and still worked as if they were brand new. After 15+ years, three owners and at least 5 sets of rims they are still out there spinning, doing exactly what they were intended to do.  That is the legacy of Phil Wood. 

Best wishes to his family and friends, He will be missed, but never forgotten.