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Cannondale Slice Hi-Mod DI2 internal upgrade, HBW Custom

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Cannondale DI2 mod by Hypercat Cycling
Cannondale DI2 mod, a photo by Hypercat Cycling on Flickr.

Visit the complete set here:  Cannondale DI2 modification
Hypercat Bike Works has been building DI2 specific bikes since Shimano released the group. Master Mechanic Phil is a DI2 certified mechanic and through HBW has been involved with electronic shifting from early Suntour browning systems to Mavic’s Zap and Mektronic groups through the modern era of Shimano DI2, Campy and beyond.

This project was commissioned to take the original externally routed cabling and run all internal.  while many bikes are designed at the factory to have DI2 routed through the frame it is possible to modify most frames to accept the internal wiring with the correct choice of wiring harness.  for this bike the frame is rather large and a large kit was necessary.  Shimano offers many options and with a good amount of pre-planning and measuring the ideal wiring harness can be chosen. Due to the shape of the tubing around the front derailleur and the location of the water bottle mounts it was chosen to use a short battery mount to place on the left chainstay and an external junction box with all other elements routed internal.

For factory spec’d internal frames the Bottom bracket has capacity to route the cables around the main crank spindle.  In this case holes needed to be bored through the main BB shell.   The first hole was the main access hole from the outside of the frame through the BB shell. The second hole was the front derailleur hole mated to another port hole located at the front derailleur.   The final holes bored were the rear derailleur routing through the BB shell and through the right chainstay.  To keep the wires from tangling with the crank spindle I used two products: #1 – removed the FSA adapter sleeve and shimano BB and opted for the BB30 shell and Hawk Racing BB30.24 adapters.  This improves performance and gets the bearings further out.  #2 – added protective sleeve around crank spindle so that no moving parts are in contact with wiring if they should move around.

On the frame grommets were added to exit holes for wiring to maintain water tightness.

Front end controls were routed entirely through handlebars and stem.  Main controller mounted to top of stem and all other excess wiring tucked into available tubing.  No modifications were made to braking system other than routing cabling through stem.Hypercat Racing is a by-appointment Bike Fit studio and custom build boutique located in Ventura California specializing in aero and skinny tire bikes.


Wilier Cento Uno DI2, HBW Custom

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Visit the complete set here:  Wilier DI2 Flickr set

Hypercat Bike Works has been building DI2 specific bikes since Shimano released the group. Master Mechanic Phil is a DI2 certified mechanic and through HBW has been involved with electronic shifting from early suntour browning systems to Mavic’s Zap and Mektronic groups through the modern era of Shimano DI2 and beyond.

This offering is a 15.2 lb everyday practical racer. With Lightweight full carbon clincher wheels this Wilier can easily transform from an every day club bike to a weekend racer. built as a stage race bike, carbon abounds on every part of the bike. From wheels, hubs and spokes to bars and stem, seatpost and even the seat rails. Smooth as silk this no-nonsense rig can take anything you can dish out.

Quick specs:
-DI2/ 7900 full group
-Lightweight full carbon clincher wheels
-Schwalbe Ultremo DD tires
-Profile Cobra carbon bars and stem
-Speedplay X/2 Ti pedals
-Selle Italia SLR carbon saddle with Ritchey top cap
-Intergrated carbon seatmast
-Cane Creek carbon headset

Retail $18,500.   This bike will be recieving an SRM 7900 for 2011 for an Additional $4k-. 

Originally uploaded by Hypercat Bike Works

Wilier Cento Uno Superleggera, HBW Custom

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Wilier Cento uno/ SRAM red

Originally uploaded by Hypercat Bike Works

For those in the market for a very nice Italian bike that is just as good to train on everyday as race, the Wilier Cento Uno Superleggera is one of my favorite choices. Well balanced, light and responsive, excellent stability on downhills and very smooth and comfortable. This example was built with SRAM red, Powertap, Speedplay titanium, Profile Cobra carbon bar and stem combo and color matched Jagwire throughout. Because this is a bike designed to be ridden daily we chose to stick with black tape and hoods. All in all a very nice package at 14.82 lbs, and just a tick over $10,000.

Visit the Flickr album for more pics

Wilier Cento Chrono, HBW Optimized

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Wilier Cento Chrono

Originally uploaded by Hypercat Bike Works

Look for this bike to debut at Wildflower this weekend. The Cento Chrono frameset was designed by Jon Cobb and after building and fitting this limited edition Italian paint version, I would add this too my recommended list for athletes looking for a traditional Tri fitting. Jon did an excellent job of doing what he does best, work with a forward position and take both bike and rider into the equation.  With elements like the splitters (point on the downtube) and tubing shape, he has designed a frame that accounts for how the air flows around the bike while it is being ridden.  In full Carbon this frame isn’t cheap, $4500 for the Frame, Fork, Headset, Seatpost, but it is comfortable, stiff and even handling and does fit very well for those looking at a more traditional (FIST) style positioning. 

This bike is the small and has a 52.5 top tube. The rider of this bike is around 5’9, so you riders under 5’4″ this frame is most likely too big. Once the fitting was complete the handlebar drop was 9cm from the seat, with a final seat angle of 78.3 degrees. (note: the final angle is expected to be 79+ with the change to shorter cranks that were not available at build time). Knee angle of 148, Hip angle 100, Shoulder angle 90, all allow the rider to maintain a solid flat back/ low frontal position with out loss of power or cadence.

The bike was built with all new components except the Crank. Quick Specs.
Shimano Ultegra group w/ compact crank
Hawk Racing Bottom Bracket
ISM Road saddle
Profile Cobra Carbon wing bars
Profile T2+ carbon aerobars
Keo pedals.

Carrera Estremo, HBW Optimized

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Carrera Estremo

Originally uploaded by Hypercat Bike Works

Excellent example of spending your money wisely. The total bill on this bike was $197.38 and what came about was slightly more than a 1/2 pound weight savings and vastly improved shifting and braking performance.

The majority weight savings is attributed to the change from the stock Dura-ace cables and housing to Jagwire L3 lined housing, Ripcord cables and aluminum ferrules. However it should be noted that this weight savings occured even with double wrapped bar tape for comfort and the addition of cable adjusters at the levers.

Whenever you can both reduce the weight of your bike and increase its performance and do it for a reasonable price, it is definitely a win-win-win. to give your bike the same treatment contact us at Hypercat Bike Works.

Specialized Roubaix Pro, HBW Personalized

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Specialized Roubaix pro

Originally uploaded by Hypercat Bike Works

This project took a bike that had already had some upgrades performed and gave it that special HBW personalization touch.

Starting Specs: XXL (61cm), ultegra SL group, american classic wheels, FSA carbon bar. Total weight 16.48 lbs

Final specs: (changes) removed dura-ace cables/ housing – replaced with jagwire L3 matching silver housing, slickwire and red ferrules. Tiso prototype stem, profile silver carbon handlebar tape, tiso chainring bolts, derailleur pinch bolts and rear der pivot bolt. final weight 15.74 lbs

Total weight savings: .74 lbs
Total upgrade costs: $350 including labor (without stem)

Tiso show bike project

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Tiso bike Project
Originally uploaded by Hypercat Bike Works

Hypercat Bike Works is often chosen to help with clients special projects from simple modifications to radical alterations. This HBW project was for a local rep who needed a show piece to demonstrate the use of many of the Tiso brand upgrade products. Modifications were performed on nearly every major part of bicycle and special attention was given to choosing parts with color matching and the potential to best display the modified part. look for the red upgrades throughout the bike. This is a rideable demo bike.