Bicycle Headsets finally get standardized (S.H.I.S)

There are two points of major frustration on a bicycle for me.  The headset and the bottom bracket.  Both of these areas involve bearings and also involve the whim of the manufactures who are competing with one another to design the “perfect” size, dimension, and marketable feature set to give you the perfect whatever.  Bottom line this leads to a lot of choices with not a lot of compatibility. Want to upgrade or change then you need to decipher what you have, what will work and buy 100% anew.  There is some interchangeability within the crank/ bottom bracket arena and BB30 at least set a universal standard, however headsets have gotten out of control along side bike design and if you desire to change the headset knowing what will work practically takes an advanced degree in engineering.

Our good friends at Cane Creek along with a number of other manufactures decided to change this madness and create a universal standard language (SHIS – Standardized Headset Identification System) so that headset manufactures, bike makers, frame builders and the rest of us can all agree on what headset will fit our bike. 

I look forward to seeing this roll out across the industry this year and next and seeing more manufactures come on board.

For all the info visit

To view the complete document explaining the new system look here.  Standardized_Headset_Identification_System


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