Get ready for Winter: 3 bike products under $10

As winter looms on the horizon with cold and rainy days ahead, there is no need to hang up the bicycle, keep riding with three of my favorites products that won’t cost you more than a couple Latte’s.

  1. ProGold Voyager Chain Lube $7.99 – For nearly 12 years Progold Prolink has been my choice of chain lube.  Why, it simply works awesome.  But if you don’t believe me how about endoresments from almost every top race mechanic, Leanord Zinn, Years and years of best Lube awards from major mags and review sites, and on and on…  This year enter a new product designed to last longer through nastier environs such as winter.  built on the Prolink platform voyager is designed to not wash off with water and has a better adherence to metal too last longer between lubes.  How long,  try a rating of 100o miles between applications in normal conditions.  Talk about low maintenance.
  2. Rock and Roll Lubricants “Cable Magic” $4.00-$5.00 – This product was introduced to me a few years ago and quickly became a product I always had around.  During the winter, cables are prone to getting sticky and sluggish.  Little bits of dirt and grime and sometimes rust and make the friction between cable and housing increase and shifting/ braking performances decrease. Cable Magic reduces the friction and returns your cables to smooth operators.  After a rainy grit filled ride, drop a few drops of this into your cable housings and keep your cables running smoothly between overhauls or major services. 
  3. Jagwire Nosed Ferrules $2.99 – This seemingly small part plays a huge role in reducing the amount of maintenance neccessary throughout the winter months.  A nosed ferrule is quite simply a ferrule with a little tube added.  The little tube extends from the inside of the ferrule 1-2 cm down the length of the cable and serves as a barrier to dirt getting into the cable housing.  The picture below shows a typical application on the rear derailleur loop.  On cross and mountain bikes nosed ferrrules can be added at all housing ends to ward off dirt and contaminants and save on costly repairs down the road.  They are also available in many colors.

Phil Casanta has been a professional mechanic and bike fitter for over 20 years.  He is available for consult, fitting or other services at


2 Responses to “Get ready for Winter: 3 bike products under $10”

  1. Good stuff. Do not need them yet but may if I move out of South Florida to North Georgia

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