1997 Lemond Chambery

1997 Lemond Chambery

Originally uploaded by Hypercat Bike Works

Not all bikes that come through the studio are new and shiny examples of the the latest Italian super bike, in fact HBW started as and continues to be a restoration shop for 80’s and 90’s road racing and Time Trial bikes. From simple projects to exact restorations and show pieces we love to bring that old bike bike to life and on the road where it belongs.

The Lemond Chambery is a unique collectible and was produced by Trek for Lemond for only 3 years and this is the first year. It is an OCLV stock frame and even carries the Trek air rail carbon fork (labeled lemond air rail). Because it is the stock Trek frame it is the only Lemond not to be made with his unique geometry. The model continued to be produced by Trek/ Lemond after 1999 but with different materials mostly Aluminum and later aluminum/ Carbon mix. 2007 was the last year for production and throughout it’s production it was always spec’d with Shimano Ultegra.

For an original spec list you can visit bikepedia.

Here are the before and after shots.  For more pics click on the link above (under main pic) and view the Flickr album. You can also open both of these pics and go back and forth for an easy comparison.

After Restoration

Before Restoration


7 Responses to “1997 Lemond Chambery”

  1. Neal Cassidy Says:

    Nice looking! I came across your site because I had an identical LeMond that I purchased in 1997. It was stolen last year and I still haven’t gotten over it, as it was such a sweet ride. A Sacramento area sheriff’s department recovered one on New Year’s Eve and contacted me. I spent half a day driving to look at it buy alas it wasn’t mine. I’ll keep hoping…

    Neal Cassidy, Berkeley CA

  2. How much is a Lemond like that worth?

  3. I have a Blue/White version of this bike. I am currently rebuilding the frame up with more modern components. I will post pic s soon.

  4. Kim Schell Says:

    In June 2013 someone stole mine. I am still in mourning. I know I’ll never see it again. I hope insurance gives me more than $1500! Does anyone know another bike that would have the same geometry?
    Still crying,

    • So sad to hear your bike was stolen. Always a sad day. These bikes were simply Rebadged TREK OCLV’s from the same time. So any Trek such as a 5000, 5200, 5500 etc will be the same geometry. Trek kept this same geometry for many years, basically until the Madone frames starting arriving so you should be able to find one pretty easy

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