Wilier Cento Chrono, HBW Optimized

Wilier Cento Chrono

Originally uploaded by Hypercat Bike Works

Look for this bike to debut at Wildflower this weekend. The Cento Chrono frameset was designed by Jon Cobb and after building and fitting this limited edition Italian paint version, I would add this too my recommended list for athletes looking for a traditional Tri fitting. Jon did an excellent job of doing what he does best, work with a forward position and take both bike and rider into the equation.  With elements like the splitters (point on the downtube) and tubing shape, he has designed a frame that accounts for how the air flows around the bike while it is being ridden.  In full Carbon this frame isn’t cheap, $4500 for the Frame, Fork, Headset, Seatpost, but it is comfortable, stiff and even handling and does fit very well for those looking at a more traditional (FIST) style positioning. 

This bike is the small and has a 52.5 top tube. The rider of this bike is around 5’9, so you riders under 5’4″ this frame is most likely too big. Once the fitting was complete the handlebar drop was 9cm from the seat, with a final seat angle of 78.3 degrees. (note: the final angle is expected to be 79+ with the change to shorter cranks that were not available at build time). Knee angle of 148, Hip angle 100, Shoulder angle 90, all allow the rider to maintain a solid flat back/ low frontal position with out loss of power or cadence.

The bike was built with all new components except the Crank. Quick Specs.
Shimano Ultegra group w/ compact crank
Hawk Racing Bottom Bracket
ISM Road saddle
Profile Cobra Carbon wing bars
Profile T2+ carbon aerobars
Keo pedals.


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